Founder, Pet Connect
“Pet Connect was started with an idea of making the largest pet community of India connecting all the pets, pet owners, NGOs, Vets and pet lovers together on a single platform because we think its a good idea to have one single family which shares a common love. Initially, we are working towards giving you the services and products you’ve always wished you had to pamper your four-legged-love. These products are not only going to be exclusive but also be crafted keeping in mind how special your baby is to you.
So, just stay #petconnected and watch out the space for our regular updates of products, services and information.”


The “Pet Connect” Bakery was started with a goal to make the world’s best dog treats and biscuits. Our bakeries have ovens working around the clock to ensure pups everywhere get fresh, premium, and great tasting treats. All of our ingredients are meticulously selected, all-natural, chemical free, and our treats are baked with only the freshest ingredients. From our little bakeries to your home, we know your dog will enjoy the love we bake in to each bite.

Gluten-Free Cookies & Treats

We have all natural & gluten free straight from the oven gourmet biscuits specially hand baked for your doggies because we believe that they deserve to eat fresh too! All the ingredients are carefully selected which are not only healthy for them but tastes delicious too !

Cakes & Muffins

We know that our little munchkins cannot eat the whole cake all by themselves and you wouldn’t share their cake cause it doesn’t tastes sweet to your taste buds, so we decided to put in some innovation and make cakes for both you and the b’day babies. One part of the cake is baked for you and the other half for them keeping in mind the difference in ingredients which shall satisfy both of your taste buds. Just like you share the love, you should share the birthday cake too <3.


We strive to craft products for your pets that are not only good on quality but also special in a way. Our designs are a result of dedicated hard work & love for four legged munchkins as they inspire us in every thought we put in

Collar+Bracelet & Leash

A collar for your pet and a matching bracelet handcrafted just for you, because best friends should match! Our collar+bracelet & leash collection is handcrafted & designed by skilled leather craftsmen, putting dedication & love into each product. The collection is inspired by the perpetual love & bond that we share with our pets. Whether you are away at work, school, on vacation or simply in the next room, our collection will connect you and your bestie however far apart you may be.

We are 100% cruelty free and believe that no animals should suffer for fashion. So you can be sure that all our products are ethical, animal friendly, sustainable, high fashion, and even softer than leather!

Social Responsibilities & Future Ideas

At Pet Connect, we contribute a portion of our profits to charity as we believe it’s essential to give back to the community. Since, our pet community needs so much love and support, we try to provide them with food, shelter, adoption and vaccinations. So whatever you buy from our website, a portion of it goes in making their lives better. We’ll be starting interactive donation and adoptions campaigns soon so that we can help more and more animals to get what they deserve- ‘love’.