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    Why Pet Connect?

    • We aspire to build the largest pet community of India
    • Our top priority will be to give the best services & products to your pets and we promise they are going to be special
    • Get connected to us so that you can stay in touch with all the other pet lovers across India
    • We’ll help you with all your pet requirements from various pet supplies to breeding facilities
    • We are getting the top veterinaries¬†on board to help you with all your queries
    • We are getting support from major NGOs and activists because we share a common goal
    • We promote pet initiatives all across the globe
    • We’ve also had pets throughout our lives, so we understand your worries and happiness more than anyone else

    Support us in this journey because its a good idea to have one big pet family together on a single platform.

    Stay #petconnected
    Team PetConnect