Water Colour Lounger Bed (Green & Pink)


With our Pink & Green Lounger bed, make your pet’s every night a good and comfortable one. This lounger bed has one side lower as compared for easy entry and exit of your pet. It gives enough room to the pet to settle in for a cosy sleep. The soothing print in water color effects adds a modern touch to the entire house. This lightweight and soft bed can be used anywhere and everywhere your pet sits or sleep. All our beds feature a concealed velcro closure at the back that allows you to easily take off the cover to wash it. All Mutt of Course products are exclusively printed and designed for our lovely mutts. They are super cute, fun and absolutely affordable.

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Water Colour Lounger Bed (Green & Pink) can be yours for only ₹2,999.00!. If you have any questions, ask us.