What Happened When World’s Tallest Dog Met World’s Tiniest Dog?

Major, a Great Dane believed to be the world’s tallest dog, was recently introduced to Britain’s tiniest canine, a little chihuahua named Disney, and they immediately hit it off. Major is an astounding 7 feet 1 inch tall, while Disney is just three inches tall, barely reaching past Major’s paw. Brian Williams, Major’s owner said, “He might weight 12 stone (168 pounds), but he’s the loveliest dog in the world. He wouldn’t hurt a fly – and that goes for a dog as little as Disney too.”

Disney is 19 months old and weights just over 27 ounces. She hasn’t grown at all since she was eight weeks old.Every day, Major consumes three pints of milk, six eggs and a 4.4-pound bag of minced meat. Disney, on the other hand, eats an amount of food equivalent to the size of an egg. Disney’s owner, Natalie Vane, doesn’t have to pay much to feed her furry best friend, but there are challenges with being so small too. Vane says that she couldn’t find a collar to fit her, so she walks her on a ferret harness.

Because she’s so tiny, when she goes to the park, other dogs knock her over and the size difference can easily lead to injury. But this odd pair didn’t let their vast size difference get in the way of their new friendship. Vane added, “I can’t believe how well they get on – it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Source: Earthables.com

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