Why dogs pee on car tyres?

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Doggieeeess!!! We all love them. They are smart, cute, playful, they love to make us happy and they love us unconditionally! But have you noticed they always seem to be interested in peeing on tyres in particular? Ever wondered why do they actually do that?

1). I am the Boss. WOOF!

Doggies use urine to mark their territory, ownership or their existence in an area. Also, just like we hoomans use posters to send across a message, doggies use urine as a medium for communication. Each urine has its own scent and doggies are able to identify that differently making it a great way to interact.

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2). Easy peeee-sy !
The posture that male dogs use to urinate with their elevated rear leg makes tyre a great choice because they are very easily reached. Also, vertical surfaces retain urine far longer than horizontal ones!

But it seems that peeing on a tyre offers some advantages compared to just peeing on a lamppost or on a bush. What are they?

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3). Tyres travel a lot
Car tyres can pick up a lot of smells from all the places they travel: trash, food dumps, mud of different places and specially other doggie’s urine. This makes tyres a hotspot for doggie’s nose to get attracted towards it. Therefore dogs can sniff out a soiled tyre from far away using their super smelling powers.

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